Why should you like quarter horses ?

Do you like horses? You will be fulfilled on our site. Here we have all the information concerning these animals, be they racing horses, farm horses, and many more. Our site aims to give you tips and information that may be useful if you are a horse breeder. We have designed several topics that allow you to see different information. We even created a dedicated page specifically for a breed: the quarter horses.

A section for the quarter horses

Do you know the quarter horses? They are horses from the United States. They are among the fastest and strongest horses, which is why they are often used for quarter-mile sprint races. That's precisely why they were given their name. Quarter horses are animals born from crossbreeding between English horses and those that were already available in American territory between the 16th and 17th centuries. Over the years, they lost their fame as race horses and gave way to Thoroughbreds. They became field horses. In our site, you can have all the information concerning this breed of horse.

The purpose of our site

Our site is designed with the purpose of making known the world of horses. We have all the information about these animals here. We have content that speaks exclusively about accessories used for horses such as saddles etc. We also have content that is dedicated to the different care needed for these animals, their food etc. In addition, in our pages, you will also find all the news of the horses: the calendars of the important races (regional, national, international), the most wanted breeds, news about the ranches, the horsemanship and many others . In short, if you love horses, you will have all the information you need here to take good care of your pet. If you were thinking of buying one or if you just wanted to know more about the world of horses, you will surely find everything you need on our site.