Wellbeing for horses

Equine well-being may be a vital issue to the general public also because the goal of excellent horse management. it's also a particularly important ethical issue. A horse’s well-being is predicated on its physical, emotional and physiological states.


Natural behaviour of horses dictates that they normally desire to eat and sleep in groups. they're herd animals who are, generally , healthier when allowed to be outside grazing continuously with one another . When grazing, horses tend to remain in their herd. If, for a few reasons, there's a horse that's by itself, this might be the primary sign that the animal isn't feeling normal. At feeding time, horses should be in an excited state and will hurry toward the feed.

Body Condition Scoring

Body condition scoring is one effective assessment of a horse’s physiological well-being. This test may be a visual and tactile test that evaluates the physical appearance of the horse and assesses body fat (Henneke et al, 1988). Body condition scoring determines whether the horse is just too fat, too skinny, or malnourished; and it's usually an honest indicator of their general health.Horses during this category aren't considered healthy. Horses with scores between 4 (can see ribs with vertebra ridge evident), 5 (back flat, can’t see ribs, but can feel them), and 6 (crease down back, fat deposits) are normal, healthy animals.

Eyes and Ears

Horses’ eyes should be bright, fully open and clear, without discharge of any kind. Eyes shouldn't be glazed or have a dull appearance. Horses can see alright at a distance but are primarily monocular therein they see with one eye at a time and sometimes have trouble that specialize in and seeing objects directly ahead or behind them.

The horse’s ears and facial expressions indicate its mood or disposition toward others jacuzzi spa. The horse’s ears should be erect and forward if it’s during a curious or content mood. If the ears are relaxed and somewhat off to the side of the top , it generally means the horse is bored, sleeping, resting or during a state of relaxation.

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