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Whether you buy a new saddle or an opportunity for your horse, the selection criteria are the same. It’s time to put all things on his right place.

In good advice saddlers

In general, choosing a saddle must be precise and perfectly match the morphology of the animal to avoid discomfort or injury. While the rider buys his saddle depending on personal comfort and also for its aesthetics. But it is essential to take into account all the criteria related to the discipline practiced and especially to the welfare of the horse it should be comfortable, not warm you nor hurt you. Your weight should be evenly distributed on the back and on the fleshy part of the animal. So, we will consider the equine conformation and fatness of the rider. A well-adapted saddle should arise naturally on the back of the horse, perfectly matching its forms. Your hand must always be able to pass between the pommel and the horse’s withers.

The challenge saddlers

This site provides high-end saddles and offers a sale of used or refurbished saddle, the opportunity to make a good deal, because they are usually of very high-quality stools. Attention improper saddle can cause lameness, injury or back problems. Most renowned saddlers now have a section on their website, or downright another site specializing in the sale of used saddle. Prices are then made on their sales base to which are added the years as well as the general state of the saddle and allow to find all sizes and stool. This is for those who have been recovered by commercial during the sale of a new saddle. To try it is to adopt it! Before buying a saddle,

For all the little problems that your horse may encounter, you can make a better “saddle fitting” directed by the brand or try others.

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