The right way to fit a saddle onto a horse

Safety is rooted in good practice. Indeed, a bad location of something may well be the cause of a serious accident. Accidents in equestrian sports happen sometimes. To overcome this, learn the good techniques to properly saddle your horse.

Precaution above all

The laying of the saddle is always preceded by the laying of the carpet. The latter must be very clean and large compared to that of the saddle that comes to rest there. If this is not the case, the horse may suffer from overheating and other injuries. The tourniquet should be covered by the front edges of the carpet. Strap loops must be positioned forward. After choosing the saddle, review the stirrups. These should be raised at the top of the stirrup leathers. This will be followed by the placement of the strap on the saddle. All these precautions will aim to protect you from the moods and tantrums of your horse. Your pet will associate the blows on him as an unpleasant experience. It is for this purpose that we must pay attention to the preparations for the installation of the saddle especially if it is brand like antares saddles for example.

Position your saddle

You have to take a look at the position of the saddle. It should be well located behind the withers. The pommel should not touch that tourniquet. A fairly practical gesture is to pass two fingers between the withers and the saddle pad. If both pass, the saddle is in a good position. You will need to take the part of the carpet that protrudes from the front of the saddle and pull upwards to prevent the carpet from exerting pressure. That done, we must pass the straps in the passersby not to allow the carpet to move back. To verify that the strap is properly positioned, it must move to a hand width behind the horse's elbow. The first operation should be done gently to allow the animal to get used. You can then gradually reshape as it gets used to it.

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