The diferent types of saddles you can purchase

In the basic, there are five sorts of saddles, but on reality, we can find more than thirty names of saddle. Eventually, we choose a saddle by the activities that you do. But his quality depends on where to come the saddle from.

We must take measure of your horse

There are two ways to measure your horse before buying the best saddles for your horse activities. First of all, we take a put ribbon and measure the top of the horse by starting on his Withers until the Croup. And after, we take the measure of his covering just on his Shoulder until his Thigh. Take the cm measure on a little paper, and now, we have to measure the garrote. About the measure of the garrote, just exceed two fingers to measure the height of the saddle. There is a special material that you can find on the shop to take easily measure of horse garrote it named “Gullet System.”

The different types of saddles

We choose the saddle initiation for our children. It is so flexible with just a little cavity on it, but it brings comfort of your buttock and his security off. We can also choose this model to the first time that we ride a horse.

The second one is for the sport; the best label is the collection of antares saddles in his different panel of horse activities. We can choose the saddles for a difficulty activity, like a barrier for a horse jump. You can seat with the padding frothing, with a slightly cavity.

And the saddles for training horse, who is longer than the others, but we could seat easily in this chair with a little cavity. By this way, a horse can support all session practices before the real training. Anyway, there are more than this on antares series, like cross one, the hard training, and specially for pony.

In fact, we can choose a saddle by his manufacturing, like French saddles or English one. If you make a wrong choice for the saddle, then your horse will hurt and have difficulty to follow the training.

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