How to measure a french saddle?

To be sure that a riding saddle is right for you, you need to measure it. Yet saddlery is an art form. Indeed, a good saddle riding must match your morphology and your habits when riding. Let's not forget also that it must allow your horse to be able to move easily. Here are some tips to help you take stock of your new saddle. However, there may still be some differences between new riding saddles and french used saddles. A saddler fitter can help you identify whether or not the saddle you plan to use fits your needs.

How to measure a riding saddle?

The size of riding saddles is usually measured in inches. The measurement must be taken from the point of the tree to the middle of the cantle, making a straight line. Thus, a size of 16 inches represents a measurement of 40.64 cm. This is a very small riding saddle that is suitable for children. The most common sizes are 17 and 17.5 inches. In any case, to know if a riding saddle is perfectly adapted to your horse, it must be tried on the back of the horse. You will know that it suits him if it lands naturally on his back and if the padding marry perfectly its forms.

Involve a saddler fitter

Saddles that are too big or too small can cause serious injury to both the rider and the horse. If you have no idea how to choose a good riding saddle, you need to hire a professional. A saddler fitter will be able to adjust your riding saddle to the morphology of your horse. A good riding saddle will allow you to pass the carpet and a damper. It should not in any way interfere with your horse. If your horse does not walk in a natural way or if it sports narrow gait, then you must change the riding saddle you use. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself, hurting your pet and not evolving in the equestrian discipline you practice.

Wellbeing for horses

Equine well-being may be a vital issue to the general public also because the goal of excellent horse management. it's also a particularly important ethical issue. A horse’s well-being is predicated on its physical, emotional and physiological states.BehaviourNatural behaviour of horses dictates that they normally desire to eat and sleep in groups. they're herd animals who are, generally , healthier when allowed to be outside grazing continuously with one another . When grazing, (jacuzzi spa) [...]

Healing accessories for horses

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Different kinds of saddles for different needs

One could have difficulty to choose the equipment of a horse. The only thing that you may know is you choosing the equipment for your horses and for your comfort too, so do not hesitate to collaborate with the expert partner. There are many people that have a horse at home nowadays. You have just to ask advices about any forums that talk about horses and you will have many sorts of answer. There are also, many saddlers that give you some advices to your action.What does one needs to know (used french saddles) [...]

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