Horse riding accessories with Equitack

The experience of mounting a horse has always been a tremendous one, especially when the horse rider is endowed with all the needed equipment to be secured and have the maximum pleasure during his riding time. Moreover it is also very essential for the horse to be well equipped will all the accessories.

Equitack a passiondriven team

Equitack is a group of sport horse enthusiast, which is full of a burning desire to see an improvement in the horse riding experience. That is why since many years now they have been selecting the best riding accessories for the horse and his rider. With the urge experience and knowledge that they are having in the field, they equally made themselves available to offer the best advices to everyone desirous to learn or improve his or her horse riding experience.

Choose the best accessories of tack

Equitack is a platform of all kind of accessories for your horse. Here you can have; straps, stirrups and course saddles cloth. More to this equitack put at your disposal different kits of saddle depending on your animal and the sport or activities you want to do.

Mixed and jumping saddles

On Equitack; we have the mixed saddles which are very suitable for all kinds of sports with the horses. They are used for walk outside and jumping. Though the mixed one can be used for jumping, there is another saddle that is specialized for jumping. Equitack have for you whole sets of saddle for jumping no matter the level. They are very good materials for practices; trainings and competitions.

Dressage saddles and cross saddles

Equitack is equally proposing dressage saddles which are very excellent in training your horse for wonderful performance. The saddles of cross is especially flat with a long seat including mono flaps for great efficiency and safety. This kind of saddle is conceived for activities outside.

Hiking saddles

The hiking saddle is a resistant one fit for endurance. It is a synthetic one made of leather appropriate for the practice of equestrian excursion. There is a wide range of choices to help you and your horse throughout your outings in the best comfort.

Equitack the guaranty of a good choice of saddles

At equitack, you are sure to find the best saddles for you and your horse. We have wide range of used english saddles for sale that will surely suit all your horses. They are actually the best on the market of riding equipment.

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