Healing accessories for horses

Taking care of your horse before and after a contest is significant for them to be happy, healthy and working at their best. Equine therapy products from Schneiders are available both for preventing serious injuries and for aiding in recovery if an injury does occur.

The strongest athlete

Being the strongest athlete within the world, everyday riding, training and competing can put enormous stress on the horse's body also because the joints. Providing the right daily therapy routine in a jacuzzi bathtubs will reduce the danger of injury, improve performance and minimize recovery time within the event of injury. We guarantee satisfaction on a spread of horse therapy equipment to assist your steed function at one hundred pc during a rigorous schedule.

Equine horse therapy

Many different non-invasive equine therapy systems are available counting on their trouble areas. Cold therapy for horse products will reduce swelling, soreness and inflammation thanks to injury or a tough workout. we've knee and hoof gel wraps, leg ice boots, full horse wraps and compression ice wraps that minimize pain and promote circulation. Equine magnetic therapy is another proven thanks to accelerate recovery. Our magnetic sheets, wraps, quilts and other gear stimulate blood flow to injured areas that promote healing. If you are looking for preventative horse treatment, ceramic therapy products use far infrared rays (FIR) to extend circulation via heat, which keeps muscles warm and relaxed so they're less likely to strain.

Products for all kinds of Horse Therapy

We have equine therapy solutions for all of the foremost common horse concerns, including a spread of products designed for administering equine magnetic therapy, also referred to as magnetic flux therapy. This treatment involves using magnetic wraps, sheets, hoods, boots and other items to assist stimulate circulation and support your horse’s ability to develop strength, endurance, stamina and adaptability.

Just like humans, horses can enjoy heat, cold and massage when recovering from injury related to the muscles, bones, hooves and joints.

As long time experts in equine therapy products, Schneiders can assist you find the proper solutions for your needs. Please be happy to contact us with specific questions.

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