A buyer's guide for used saddles

For all that is expensive (or cheaper too) is an interesting consumption habit. In terms of riding equipment and especially the saddle, it can be worth it and the cost - but beware! There are several things to know when you start buying a used saddles without going through a professional.

Points to consider before buying

If you buy a used saddle in a good saddlery, there is a good chance that the pros have already verified that the saddle is still in use. But if you buy it elsewhere (to an individual), it is possible that the person does not have the necessary knowledge to determine if the saddle is good for use, especially from the point of view of safety.

If you buy a used saddle,here is a list of things to check. Keep in mind that the only way to be sure that a saddle has a broken pommel or some other "internal injury" is to show it to a saddler who will remove the panels and go to see what happens in it.

In the first place, you must carefully observe the saddle, either by placing it on a pommel horse, or with the pommel on the ground and the cantle in your hand. Determine roughly the center of the trumpet, and check that everything seems normal in relation to this point.

Now keep in mind that padding can be unevenly packed while the tree is straight. So check the panels, the padding can be packed very hard, with hollows and bumps. If this is the case, it is necessary to reflock the saddle entirely. Then grab the stirrup knives and pull straight on. They must not move a hair; if they move, go your way.

And finally, check the braces and seams. Take a good shot at the signs to make sure they are hooked. Inspect the seams of quarters, false quarters, cleats. Be sure that the leather is healthy, not cracked, torn or damaged.

To conclude, it is impossible to say once and for all that a saddle is in perfect condition without disassembling it, but these tests will give you a first idea before buying.

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